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Byron Biroli ponders the point of effort on his latest, "Go Lightly"

Good news for all you soul fans out there, Byron Biroli is back with a new track - "Go Lightly." Like his past cuts, "Go Lightly" effortlessly blends soul, world, and a handful of other genres to produce what Biroli calls, "Noir Wave." Which, after listening to "Go Lightly" and some of his other releases, may quickly become your new favorite genre.

Over a simple guitar riff and some scattered synths, Biroli ponders life and the many ways we attack it. "I was reading an Aldus Huxley book called Island, and there's a line where he says, 'It's dark because you're trying too hard... lightly child... lightly was the best advice given to me...' So I created the chorus around those words... one," says Biroli on "Go Lightly."

The thing that makes Biroli so fantastic is that he continuously pushes the boundaries of his music. Not only is he paving the way for a new genre, but on every track he makes deals with a different topic. Biroli isn't somebody who is sitting around singing about the same tired thing; this is philosophy in music. He's letting other art forms influence him and then making music about his new thoughts and experiences. And, unfortunately, that's a rather rare thing in today's world.

Lucky, we have him, and we have "Go Lightly." Press play on the track above and be sure to keep it locked right here on EARMILK for all your Byron Biroli needs.


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