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Urbs & Blabbwona introduces us to the "Code Of The Snake"

"Code Of The Snake" is the latest unorthodox collaboration between producer Urbs with Patrick PulsingerSam Irl. Together they show what can happen when a studio wizard with techno roots and a master musician with hip-hop roots come together. The experimental record features rapper Blabbwona who delivers a blend of traditional rap over the trip-hop soundscape. The outcome is better in audio form than anything else.

"Code Of The Snake" is off the second volume of remixes from Urbs self-titled album. The album is long overdue and a solid follow up to his last solo release 'Toujours Le Meme Film'. Mostly known for releasing instrumental projects, his latest venture is a complete departure as he teams up with emcees and singers, a situation which he addressed as follows “Generally speaking, letting go of the songs and surrendering myself to the MCs gave me a hard time. You spend a lot of time with a song and build a certain kind of relationship. The music creates pictures in your mind and often its meaning is hard to grasp for the producer. And then, an MC starts rapping over it and it is a little bit like your older brother’s rude friends turn your child's room in a mess – in your presence!"  Also here is a pre-order link for the 12", for all you vinyl lovers out there. Check it here.

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