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Iyves announces EP with "Not Afraid to Fall" teaser trailer

Marked by a powerful, textured voice , Iyves makes music that makes you consider perspective with every track you hear from her.  Having released singles and videos over the past few years, she's finally put together an EP, Chromatic, that comes out later this month.

Raised in Colorado and educated at Berklee College of Music, Iyves started her journey into music through an attraction to soul and funk and never looked back.  Upon arriving at Berklee, she learned about authenticity and focus in her craft.  She reflects on being a little fish in a big pond,

Ultimately, It becomes a lot of noise and interfereing your own special thing that’s you. You’re never going to be all the things. You need to focus on your thing and your voice. And that’s what comes across more powerfully when people are so in touch with their own style, their own message, whatever your thing is. It’s hard not to be influenced.

Even after embarking on her post college musical journey, Iyves had to learn how to build what she wanted sonically.  Through trial and error and with help from REFS songwriter Zach Lipkins on production, she was able to find direction, sharpen her vision, and make Chromatic a reality.  She says of finding the sound she was searching for and what she wants to keep making,

...Ultimately the stuff that’s subconscious... that’s what I’d like to think is your authentic you. It’s hard to get back to that though. Walking through life you’re constantly having to shuffle what’s you versus what’s influenced by your outer world. I think I’ve been circling back recent to what feels like "me".  I started working with these producers that were very electronic based... I want to go back to raw organic sounds and instruments because for me, I feel most comfortable when I’m able to sing; not mold my voice to a track that has a million layers of vocals and reverb and all this shit. It’s not even a human anymore.

Chromatic is out March 23rd.

Photo Credit: Sidra Green

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