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Get engulfed in Dave's tale of gang culture & knife crime in video for "Hangman"

For Santan Dave, the last couple of years have been a whirlwind. From releasing EP's that entered the top 20 in the UK charts, to getting Canadian superstar Drake to jump onto a remix of his song "Wanna Know", the London rapper has seen his stock rise whilst putting himself at the forefront of the UK rap movement.

This week's new release & accompanying video are poignant, a real sentiment for the current youth culture in the city of London. The Big Smoke has been going through some of it's worst years for gang violence amongst teenagers, something that the UK media has shown frequently. Dave's newest release, "Hangman" tackles the issues of knife crime & gang culture currently plaguing parts of the city, in a way only he really can. His storytelling style, water-like flow & clever wordplay are all on show here, as he has you engrossed on his every word, taking you deep into the root of the problem. The video is simplistic, focusing on Dave rapping whilst surrounded by his friends at sunset, but the sonly adds to the draw that his lyrics are giving you.

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