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WIINSTON releases new song and music video for "Rosa," and it's full of modern soul

Latest Capitol Records artists WIINSTON has released their new song "Rosa" along with an accompanying music video, and both are full of modern soul. The Danish group are slated for a mass breakout in the States, and their inaugural single in the US music industry is the perfect definition of their sound, dark, cinematic, and electronic R&B that could stir up emotions in (and mesmerize) any listener. 

The Filmmakers behind "Rosa" were Joachim Morre, Soren Kahr, and Christian Lonhart, who also collaborated with the group on the videos for "Canada" and "Mio."  

On the music video for "Rosa," singer and songwriter Daniel Richards said, "The visual element is 50 percent of this whole project. Today it seems like video is kind of a lost art, so we want to bring that back and create videos that are full-on short films." 

Connect with WIINSTON: Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter 

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