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Follies collage a dense wall of sludge on "Still Life" [Premiere]

"Still Life" is a wonderful experimental foray from Follies.

For those that are curious, Follies is the project of LA based Artist and Producer Phil Hartunian. "Still Life" departs from the fuzzy guitar driven barrage of "I Make Sense." And, the new single features a significantly more lush, yet gloopy arrangement style. The first thing that makes this single stand out immensely is the allure of a great tape recording. Hartunian recorded "Still Life" in his bedroom on a nearly dead tape machine, and we totally love the result. The cassette culture is real. The second is his innovative use of layering clarinets, and vocals on top. In fact, never has the clarinet sounded so relevant. Still Life will be available March 30th across all streaming platforms.

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