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Saba releases new visuals for endearing new single "Busy" [Video]

Sonically, Saba's newest song "Busy" is anything but busy - it's smooth and simple. The instrumental is filled with easy, stuttering drums that never hit too hard. For three minutes, the Chicago rapper spits with the same passion that drew fans to him in the first place. The melodic chorus sees him toy with limited vocal effects that don't hold back the track's authenticity. 

The busyness of the song lies in the subject matter, which Saba doesn't ever keep on one path. He reflects on the passing of his friend Walt, and Saba pours out mournful emotions through his lyrics and voice. He vents about his frustration with people in his life and discusses a variety of life's tribulations. He talks about being physically busy, but it seems like his mental state is not anything to be deemed simple. The track is sincere and soulful and gives us a look into Saba's life before he leaves for his nation-wide Care For Me Tour. The music video features Saba in a red room with blank figures surrounding him. For the majority of the visuals, he appears to be alone in the busyness of the crowded space.  Check out the new video for Saba's moving single "Busy" up above. 

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