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LIONE puts out "Glimmer" an eclectic and rapturous original

Oh man... before I start talking about this single, I want to talk about how I first came upon discovering Erich also known as LIONE on Spotify in 2016 when he put out his first original "Leave This Place" on STMPD Records, which was also the first release to come out of the label besides Martin Garixx who owns it. Two years ago, I was fresh out of high-school and just getting into EDM but I also noticed that a lot of it started to sound the same. 

Shuffling through a playlist on the way driving home, his first single came up on my dashboard and from the beginning to end I was astonished by how detailed the track was. I could tell that he puts a lot of heart and effort into what he puts out and could be considered a perfectionist by some. Although there are some that have compared him to a Porter Robinson Jr, I really think he has his own distinct sound that derives from his unique use of melody and piano combined. I couldn't categorize it with anything I had heard yet, I classified it as an emotion you could call "the feels". In the present, I've been fortunate to have a couple encounters with the LA-based producer, both in my hometown Vancouver as well as in LA and all I can say is that the dude does not stop working. I'm proud to be able to share his first single of 2018 "Glimmer" featuring Heather Sommer

Released on Proximityhe's back with another eclectic and blissful single, Glimmer being his third original single but it’s unmistakably obvious from the opening moments that this will be unlike his previous releases. The record opens by introducing listeners to a bright, colorful melody that carries the progression forward to the verse where the honest lyrics establish an emotion that is simultaneously beautiful and relatable. As the lavish vocals flow through the chorus, LIONE presents a sonically-picturesque, synth-pop driven melody. From to start to finish, LIONE continues to impress us with his irreplaceable flair, continually combating the norms of electronic music. 

If you dig his style, look out if he plays live in your city, with a set-up that includes keyboards, drums, controllers, etc. He has supported artists, with both live and DJ sets, such as The Chainsmokers, Martin Garrix, and Illenium, as well as performed headlining sets at venues and festivals around the world. 

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