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Elmer Abapo shares only good intentions on "Do I."

Elmer Abapo's latest release, "Do I."  is an indie R&B/Soul bop about how fleeting human nature can be and the acknowledgement of constant change in our lives. Over a hauntingly introspective soul rhythm, Elmer questions some of our most introspective feelings regarding human ego, taking a step back to acknowledge how our perspectives in the present moment seem right. He dwells on the fact that time never fails to change our perspectives. It may seem like a lot to absorb but over a deeply soulful funk rhythm harking back to the 70’s, the rich production and songwriting pulls at your nostalgic senses, facilitating this atmosphere of ‘looking  back’.

‘Do I’ is the 8th song off of Elmer Abapo newly released album, ‘Good Intentions’. ‘Good Intentions’ is available now on Spotify .

Connect with Elmer Abapo   : Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter | Website | Instagram

Electronica · R&B · Soul


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