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Metroplane and Bree Runway's "Word of Mouth" is worth talking about

What do you get when two of dance music's most creative and venerable artists get together? More great music, of course, which is what we're getting today from Metroplane.

Made up of Alex Metric and Aeroplane, Metroplane (you see the play on words now, don't you?) takes two artists from different backgrounds and brings them together in true harmony. Metric is known for his releases on OWSLA and his house music with a quirky tech-forward feel, alongside Aeroplane who is his notable nu disco, and the two have come together more than a few times to release music now.

“We were on a cruise and played back-to-back for three hours. And after that, we figured we should make a record together, which went amazingly well too… So we are going to make some more.”

"Word of Mouth" is their latest, a vocal update and re-release of their track "Bahp" that came out just a year ago. Just alone, "Bahp" is more than memorable and more than addictive with its well-done sampling. The Becky Hill-composed vocals bring some sassy pop to the uniquely addictive and uplifting house production all via the voice of Bree Runway

Out tomorrow with a new animated video to match, we see Metroplane's future right in front of us, as this duo is here to stay. You can preorder and stream "Word of Mouth" here.

Connect with Metroplane: Soundcloud | Facebook

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