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Ur Maa & Kosi Blue savour the moments on "AFRM"

Up and coming producer/rapper Ur Maa delivers his unique take on lo-fi rap on his latest record titled "AFRM". The title actually stands for affirm and it dwells on the artist's purview of the world around and within him. The self produced soundscape has a sombre feel to it for the most part and switches into a cinematic guitar driven section after the 2 minute mark. Joining him on the song are guitarist Amen Stoney and vocalist Kosi Blue who crafts a laid back, melody laced hook to wrap things up. The atmosphere behind the creation of the song was a tense one as Ur Maa puts it. He made the beat beat back in August 2017 in the middle of the woods in Virginia while two hours away from Charlottesville, the racists rally was going on.  He ultimately then decided to make a song to capture his feelings at the time.

"AFRM" is the single off Ur Maa's upcoming project 'Ever Present' which will be released in April 10,2018. Said project is a follow up to his previously released instrumental tape 'Nature Vol. 1' and 'Contemplating Vol. 1'. 

Connect with  Ur Maa : Soundcloud | Bandcamp | Twitter |Facebook|  Instagram

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