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Nightmare Air release dreamy rock track "Strange Things"

"In the dark of the woods, strange things do happen. In this case with the assistance of forty-five synthesizers and a backward guitar. Can you hear the heartbeat?" This is what Nightmare Air has to say about their latest single "Strange Things", which drops today from their upcoming album Fade Out. 

The L.A. based band, comprised of veteran musicians, derived their name from an 80's skateboard move. They wanted to represent 'sonic momentum' and momentum is something they certainly have. Driving percussion, glam guitar and synthesizers dominate "Strange Things". Underneath it all, however, the dreamy vocal of lead singer Swaan Miller pushes through the noise. She has a soft voice, one which brilliantly offsets the heavier instrumentation, grounding the track when it wants to burst out of the stratosphere. "Strange Things" is all at once gritty and polished, airborne and firmly rooted. 

Connect with Nightmare Air: Twitter | Soundcloud |  | Facebook

80's · Alternative · Dreamwave · Synth


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