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Swedish artist Cape Lion puts together a new EP in under one week

Swedish artist Cape Lion has been a bit quiet over the past year or so pursuing other adventures. He shares he’s been working on scoring film and televisions series, which isn’t too shabby. However, we just caught wind that he’s released a new 4 track EP and it’s a solid return after a long hiatus. With 4 new singles all written over the span of 1 week.

That’s no easy feat, and the quality of the music is there. With a little bit of James Blake vibes, the music is easy on the ears and interesting to listen through. As you progress you can hint at a story beyond the production and into the process. Cape Lion shares “The short deadline meant that there was no room for second thoughts. I wanted to put the saying that the first idea that you come up with is most often the best to the test. Not having time to contemplate and leave half made ideas to rot away on the hard drive was pretty appealing. One sleep-deprived week later the result is ‘Week One’. I’m still not sure if the saying is proven, but I’m really happy with the result. Already considering a ‘Week Two'.” Give this one a listen for yourself and see if you can spot the difference in sound as the EP progresses from start to finish. 

Connect with Cape Lion: Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter 

Experimental · Indie


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