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J. Sirus spazzes on "Back in Yonkers" [Video]

As a Stockton, CA native, I’ve always kept tabs on nearby Sacramento and the city’s unique brand of homegrown hip hop. From Mozzy to Chuuwee, the 916 has consistently produced talented young spitters and 24-year-old upstart J. Sirus is no exception.

Sirus, who spent most of 2017 as the sole opener on Phora’s 36-city-wide national tour, just dropped a stellar video for “Back in Yonkers.” The engrossing track features J. Sirus’ introspective lyricism as he reminisces about his experience touring across the country, specifically his exploits with some thotties he encountered along the way. Sirus murders the A|C-produced instrumental, confidently spewing bars in a fresh conversational fashion, as if he's chopping it up with you from across the room. The track is killer on its own, but Yoshi's down-to-earth, psychedelic visuals add another layer to truly take this joint to another level.
If you're feelin' "Back in Yonkers," check out the rest of J. Sirus' catalog, including his latest track: "Lonesome."
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