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Billy Dukes venture into their upbringings on "Sid Vicious" [Video Premiere]


Billy Dukes is the moniker of the musical duo of Intalekt and GeeFree, who join forces to deliver their unorthodox brand of leftist hiphop music. The South London, UK-raised emcees kick off their 2018 musical journey with the release of the single "Sid Vicious."

Whilst the title bears the name of the infamous Sex Pistols bassist/vocalist, the theme of the song is only a slight nod to him, and it focuses mainly on the duo's vivid recounting of their experiences in their different boroughs in London. It's pretty much a nostalgic skip backwards in time, putting on the glasses of past perspective and telling a narrative of individual and cultural progression. Through this haunting but sympathetic track, the hip-hop duo describe music as the key to their survival through gritty London corners and societal struggles. Boxed in and only seeing one way of life, it was inspiring instrumentals and encouraging beats that were the catalyst for seeing change. 

 The South Londoners' contemporary take on boom-bap hip-hop weaves sounds of jazz, funk, and soul, whilst merging expressive content with effortless flows and melodies. With eclectic influences ranging from MF DOOM to James Blake,  this duo are defining their own sound and making their mark on the UK scene.

Connect with  Billy Dukes: Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Experimental · Hip-Hop · Rap · U.K.


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