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BEACØNS carves own lane with winning "Gargoyles" remix

When it comes to fresh faces, new sounds, and new artist, It's expected to hear about someone new in today's electronic music scene.

The abundant access to Ableton , Fruity Loops, and other DAWs ( Digital Audio Workstation) combined with the ability to make music at your fingertips, has created an influx of artist's coming onto the scene. With that, it takes much more effort to stand out from the rest. There has always been a few standards for creators that determine if someone has the juice to keep up in this game. The most obvious one is your particular sound, how do you standout from the rest? Are you making the effort to go the extra mile to sound different or are you rolling with the trends in hopes you can catch the hype train before its too late?

When it comes to the San Diego based production duo BEACØNS, I'm in strong belief they are doing both at the same time. Which might sound kind of weird when you first think about it. Although in my opinion, it's the hardest to do but, the most rewarding if done correctly. They have taken an already popular genre which has made an amazing comeback in past couple years and added their own personal twist to it. Making it their own.

Their latest remix of Adam Bomb's single "Gargoyles" is the perfect example of that. The immense detail in sound design brings back nostalgia and invokes new feeling at the same time. The fluidity between the drums, synths, and vocal chops shows they have mastered their craft. I can go on and on about how much I love this track, but I'll just let you judge for yourself. Can't wait to hear more from this extremely talented duo. 



Dance · Dubstep


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