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Dirty Heads "Celebrate" and evolve their sound [Interview]

In Charles Darwin's day, the Galápagos Islands were the best place in the world to observe evolution by natural selection, and as Dirty Head's singer Jared Watson told EARMILK, they've taken on the island's approach when it comes to evolving from the reggae-rock sound they're been known for. "We are out here just Galapagosing this bitch. As long as we stay true to who we are musical Charles Darwin will be happy." Last year, they released their sixth iteration called, Swim Team, and according to Watson, the recording process was a combination of amusement and progression. "We always try to have fun while also pushing ourselves and trying to progress as players singers and songwriters. It depends on the album and the vibe how we want to approach it [with]."

They recently released their official video for the album's second single "Celebrate," featuring Kyle Morris of The Unlikely Candidates. "The producers of the song showed us the hook Kyle had sung just to show us what they were working on and it really resonated with us so we asked if we could flip it Dirty Heads style," says Jared. In the video for the track, the California rockers honor their fans and family through poignant moments from live performances, personal home movies, and ecstatic fans enjoying their shows.

The song features heart-wrenching homesick lyrics, like "every night feels like another weekend / Keep pretending that it's easy / Sold my soul for a wrecking ball / I shot at the moon but I mostly fall" punctuated by incessant promises to come home and eventually celebrate. Though the song may seem stir visions of lonely longing, Dirty Heads haven't lost their desire to uplift, sharing, "That's our goal. To be a positive light in a 'shithole' world. Life is beautiful for some, the lucky ones. and if you have running water, food on your table and people who love you, you are one of the most lucky fucking people on the planet because millions of other people don't have those things." 

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