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Michel Bellens & Theresa Kis team up to bring "Only Love"

Belgian composer and producer Michel Bellens recruits gospel singer Theresa Kis for this lovely collaboration they call "Only Love". Michel pulls out the big guns as he crafts a very cinematic piano-driven backdrop that is rife with deep emotions and a little bit of suspense to boot. He builds a befitting soundscape that matches Theresa's deep vocal tone that displays her gospel-tinged approach, the result a solid mix that is best heard than be told about.

Michel Bellens is a multi-talented composer who got into music at a young age after discovering his grandmother's piano. He later found new ways to make music starting with the Atari ST computer and has gone on to crafting electronic music for numerous projects.

Connect with Michel Bellens : Soundcloud | Facebook |  Youtube

Alternative R&B · Raw-Hop


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