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Maka and Munachi savor the small victories on "I Just Got A Cheque"

Nigerian groove maker, Maka, celebrates payday with her pal Munachi in their latest video, “I Just Got A Cheque.”

There are few things better than getting paid for your work. Especially when you love doing the job. That is the central theme permeating Maka and Munachi’s recent release, “I Just Got A Cheque.” The video finds both Maka and Munachi waking up to head out and face the day. In Maka’s case, she wakes up to travel to work, only to finally get paid for her efforts. For Munachi, the Nigerian MC wakes up to an empty fridge and a depleted bank account but stumbles across a withered old check in her back pocket. As the video draws to a close, both Maka and Munachi link up to celebrate their good fortune and hard work with a show and a night out with friends.

Though it’s a rather simple premise, “I Just Got A Cheque” is hugely relatable. As a fellow 20 something, there is nothing better than getting that check or direct deposit and then hanging out with friends. Even though it may cause you to ponder your life’s purpose (much like Maka does at the end of her day), the celebration is all about enjoying the small victories in life.

Maka and Munachi make quite the team on “I Just Got A Cheque.” Maka’s smooth timbre and Munachi’s eloquent rhyme scheme fit together like a puzzle made in Hip-Hop heaven. Hopefully, this isn’t the last time we see these two link up for a song.

Press play on the XYZ directed and Teck - Zilla produced flick above, and be sure to keep it locked right here on EARMILK for all things Maka and Munachi.

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