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Kidd Ahh weaves an incredible story of being "Trapped" in the radio

Up and coming artist Kidd Ahh touches on the subject on being trapped on his new single aptly titled "Trapped". He teams up with producer DreamLife who crafts a sombre, boom-bap backdrop for the emcee to paint his vivd pictures over. The over concept of the song is being trapped in a radio (an actual one) and going through a handful of life threatening situations to escape. The song also lightly touches on everyday situations one might encounter in city life, politics and smoothly finishes off with a story about a potentially fatal setup with a man dating a woman with a jealous and over attached ex boyfriend. 

"Trapped" is his first single for the year and it features singer Breana Marin on the chorus. The single is a first of many from the young artist.

Connect with  Kidd Ahh : SoundcloudTwitter

Hip-Hop · Rap


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