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Scribes is the "Master Of The Groove"

Merging hiphop and R&B is not rare in this age, but the question is - on what level are you taking this fusion? Scribes is an act who does is also doing this and we must admit, does it well. his latest record aptly titled "Master Of The Groove". The smooth soundscape has an undeniable groove that will get your head nodding from the jump, on the other hand Scribes brings a personal touch to the song. He dwells on his hustle and growth in the music industry and how he copes with all the drama that life may throw at him. The track is a family affair as Scribes's younger brother Jack City is his main producer on all his songs and they sure have a unique chemistry together.

Originally from Seattle Scribes has worked with artists such as Macklemore, Ray Dalton and the members of Pearl Jam among many others. Now based in LA, He spent hours working overtime and sleeping in his car in order to build a home studio in his North Hollywood apartment. He successfully completed the studio in 2016 and has since been creating content again and began releasing new songs in 2018.

Connect with  Scribes : Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Connect with  Jack City :  Instagram

Hip-Hop · Rap


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