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Rainer + Grimm's "Tempted" is sexy, weird and everything in between [Video]

Rainer+Grimm  is the pet musical project of Toronto based production team  Rainer Millar Blanchaer and Jeff Crake. The duo met at music school and formed a lifelong alliance tied by their love of R&B and underground dance music. For their latest tune, they recruit vocalist Beach Season, who provide a sultry, dreamy performance over the lush backdrop courtesy of the duo. Armed with an ear for mixing genres, they bring the best of several worlds on this record merging deep house, R&B and afro centric percussions to the mix. "Tempted" is essentially romance in sonic form: a little playful, a lot of sexual energy, and a touch of mystery come together to create a sound that's irresistible. 

The visuals on the other hand dive into a whole different territory. Striving for the left field sensibility, the tone of the visual is retro, colorful and somewhat ambiguously weird. Definitely something we'd expect from the unortodox duo. The duo have gone on to perform at events across the globe, from Splash House to Digital Dreams, and their future is looking brighter than ever. So definitely expect new music from Rainer + Grimm this fall. In the mean time you can stream the audio of "Tempted"  here.

Connect with Rainer+Grimm  :Facebook Soundcloud Instagram Twitter

Deep House · Tech House


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