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Freedom Baby share bittersweet "When We Go" [Exclusive]

Freedom Baby (Brianna Bordihn and Eric Reid) have put out their affecting new single "When We Go," and we're excited to be the first to share it with you.

The self-described "ork pop" duo/couple from Toronto released their first single last year along with an effortlessly gorgeous cover of "Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow." They first met in 2013 at a show both of their bands were playing in, and eventually teamed up in both life and music. 

"When We Go" is stunning from the first note. A delicately plucked melody starts things off and is joined by layer after layer of meticulously chosen sounds. The sparsity of the lyrics delivered by Bordihn's angelic vocals belies their poignancy. The words hover tentatively over building orchestration reminiscent of the good old days of Arcade Fire and Beirut, finally bursting and turning into a cathartic declaration as the music's swell breaks. A simple kick-rim rhythm underpins the song's fluctuations until the very end, leaving you wanting to start the song over. It's clear that this work comes from the heart, with its loose evolving structure, exquisite instrumentation, and dynamic range skillfully expressing the emotion with which it was created:

The song is an ode to death and dying; both an acceptance of the loss of loved ones and a hopeful questioning of the ideas of rebirth and existence beyond a physical death. We wanted the instrumental elements to relay this depth of emotion. The cycle of death and rebirth is often seen as a heavy and philosophical topic, but we felt that it captured our direction in terms of our musical style as well as our personal thoughts and inspiration. - Eric and Brianna

Freedom Baby's EP How You'll Grow is out March 9th. 

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Alternative · Dreampop · Folk


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