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Mahalia & Little Simz team up for the uplifting single "Proud Of Me"

 British songstress Mahalia unveils her newest effort "Proud of me" and she brought in a special guest in the form of  Little Simz. The Maths Times Joy produced song is a solid fusion of soul,R&B, hip-hop laced with uplifting vibes. The song is a perfect example of Mahalia's trademark, open-hearted lyricism "...well you see this business, its all about survival of the fittest/If you don't go viral you should quit it/I-am the revival of the unfinished-you're my witness..."  Her silky smooth vocals are undeniable and pretty much glue it all together. On the other hand, the addition of Little Simz brings a different perspective to the song as she puts pen to paper with "...I just pray I wake up in the morning/ sharing promise to all and we know this/ But calling it quits is not in my calling/I don't need a penny to complete me no, he should know..." and lets the world know she is more than ready for the grind.

Mahalia penned the song as a mark of her recent independence as an artist. All the ups and downs she faced and the lessons she learned helped inspire the creative process behind the spirit lifting record. "Proud of me" is what we call a brilliant introduction to the young singer and it's definitely something we recommend.Purchase the audio here.  In other news on May 1st, the day of her 20th Birthday, Mahalia will play her biggest London show to date at the Scala. Tickets are available HERE.

Connect with  Mahalia : Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Connect with Little SimzSoundcloud | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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