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Woolf keeps it simple on "Too Close" [Video]

The three woman band known as Woolf are a Dutch folk pop trio of singers & instrumentalists Marieke Smit, Mylène Berghs and Ellen Tackenkamp, who met at the Conservatory of Amsterdam where they studied to become jazz singers.  The trio make their splashing entry unto our pages with the release of their latest record  "Too Close". This song showcases the trio's unique, characteristic song writing style that is deeply emotional and rich in the folk style genre. The love lorn song is mostly an acoustic affair with  mellow guitar arrangements that picks up when the chorus kicks in. Their style of song writing is also peculiar as each individual write their texts and music which are then adapted and embraced by the others as well. It may seem far fetched but it has worked well for them. "Too Close" is the third of a 4 song project they crafted with producer Mats Voshol. In November 2017, the girls have recorded another set of three songs to be released in 2018.

The video for their song "Too Close" was shot by Inge Persoon who takes a more straight forward approach with simple rural aesthetics and a running motif that enhances the distant/ love lorn theme of the song. Get the audio on SoundcloudBandcamp.

Connect with Woolf : Soundcloud | Facebook |  Instagram



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