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Alexander Lewis keeps counting down the hits with "Clockwise" with Nick Row

The opening chorus on "Clockwise" hints at Alexander Lewis's early days in the NYC jazz music scene. A rush of bass flips the switch and the Nick Row verse comes on as Lewis assumes his modern persona of electronic producer with a jazz twist. His signature brass sounds accompany the massive drop. Currently beset known for his remix of TroyBoi's "Flamez," and his original track "March," on heavy rotation this weekend in a Philadelphia Eagles Superbowl promo video, Lewis promises to be a mainstay in the electronic music scene. His unique style is a breath of fresh air in the trap scene that had started to feel a little stale after exploding in popularity over the last couple of years. He joins an upcoming crop of artists that are bringing live instrumentation, and along with it a bit more soul, to the trap sub-genre of electronic music.

Catch him this fall on select dates of KRANE's North American Fallout tour this winter.

Connect with Alexander Lewis:  Soundcloud | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Electronic · Trap


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