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Tommy Will gives both sides to the story in powerful "Fear In America" video

In his latest stirring video, Arizona’s Tommy Will tackles the topics of Black Lives and Blue Lives Matter. Peep the “Fear In America” below.

Over a haunting piano-laden beat, Will gives viewers both sides of the Black vs. Blue debate. The first half of the video finds Will chained to a cop car, metal leash around his neck, as he gives his side of the debate. Using evocative imagery, he brings the story to life and burns a hole in your mind’s eye. “This the new era, face hidden from my New Era. I’m sorry Sir, I’ve got to judge your judgment and show my friends I’m not one to fuck with.”

After the chorus, we find Will chained to a cop car once again, but this time in cuffs instead of a leash. During this section of the song, Will gives the viewpoint of a police officer, bringing life to his fears and perspective to some of his possible actions. “Please put your hands on the concrete, it’s just for the safety, not only for me but for you. You think that I’m capable of taking a life? How could I know you’re not capable too?”

“Fear In America” comes from Will’s stellar project Napoleon, released back in 2017. Be sure to check out the clip above, and if you haven’t yet, grab a copy of Napoleon on any of your favorite streaming platforms.

Connect with Tommy Will: SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter

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