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ClrConscience pays homage on "QUEEN"

A rising new face in hip-hop ClrConscience crafts a special ode to black women on his latest song "Queen." Inspired by India Arie's break out song "Video," ClrConscience teams up with singer and instrumentalist Ayiana Maria who interpolates the instrumentation sounds, while adding angelic vocal support on the chorus.

Musically the song channels the original in many ways, but in a more stripped down acoustic manner. Thematically the track also goes beyond giving props to women, but also serves as an inspirational song for everyone as a whole. He raps ".. We need each other like flowers need sun and water to bloom/ And everyday I pray you know that you gorgeous despite the hate they taught us..."

ClrConscience is constantly working on new material and "Queen" just serves as a precursor to more exciting music to come from the young man in 2018.

Connect with ClrConscience: Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Hip-Hop · Rap


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