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Killstation continues strong output with his fourth video of the year "Extinction" [Video]


2018 has been huge so far for Florida's Killstation dropping four music videos in January. The most recent entry in this series is "Extinction". This track features Killstations's patented distorted bass and aggressive vocal performance as they work together to create some truly terrifying sounds. The video for "Extinction" matches this perfectly as it is a one minute 24 second thriller and follows direction from Daniel Jordan K. Killstation has been making big waves in rap's experimental underground as he is becoming a genre defining artist. An artist that doesn't hold anything back is something that is always appreciated by fans and can often lead to cult like followings. This is certainly the case with Killstation as he leads on a pretty closed life except for the wide open window that his music provides. This video joins three others so far this year, Triplicate, Godspeed and Exxidae directed by Quinn Donovan, Turtle.MOV and Daniel Jordan K respectively. Check out these videos as well, posted below. 

Connect to Killstation: Twitter | Soundcloud | Website

Experimental · Hip-Hop · Noise


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