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Æ MAK release new art-pop single "Glow" [premiere]

The impossible-to-pigeonhole Irish art-pop group Æ MAK are closing out January with the release of their latest single "Glow."

"Glow" is an atmospheric gem. Perfect harmonies and pithy lyrics are supported by a completely unique and stellar production; the beat and instrumentation change rapidly, and what might sound muddled and frantic on any other group sounds bright and energetic here. It is dance music that rebels against its own genre in a remarkable way; dangerous and irresistibly catchy, with tribal rhythm and witchy vocals dominating the soundscape of Æ MAK's all-consuming world.  

Speaking about the track, Aoife McCann says:

"I wrote "Glow" after one of the irrational fits of irritation I sometimes get when arguing with those closest to me. It comes from recognising traits in others that I see and dislike in myself. So it's about denial, self-acceptance and turning to the ones that you love to accept the good and bad parts of yourself again. I brought the song to Daniel in the band who created the soundscape and made it come alive. Through our shared musical vision and love of dance music, we created "Glow"."

Connect with Æ MAK: Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

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