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Madlib and Deal the Villain are Jackson Jones

It is the end of January in 2018, it is the dead of winter, it is cold outside, the State of the Union address happened last night. There are feelings inside and they are everything but warmth. For me, rage is the only feeling you can have after being verbally berated by a child and subjected to the longest State of the Union on record from someone, you and I both, could not have any less respect for.

But there is hope, and there is a light at the end of tunnel: Deal the Villain and Madlib forming like, not Voltron, but as a rapper & producer duo and become Jackson Jones in their newest release respectively. This new album from the duo is a lyrical tempest raining down on a collection of distinctively Otis Jackson Jr aka Madlib productions. 

Jackson Jones is a fifteen track concept album cooked up by Deal the Villain following his 2017 release of 'Beard Beats & Kicks' and Madlib when he finds the time in-between working with Freddie Gibbs on a 'Piñata' follow up and taking calls from Ty Segall who wants to make a Hip-Hop album. I am definitely excited to hear some more from this duo because despite being 15 songs deep 'Jackson Jones' is short and sweet with each track coming in under well below two minutes. 

Despite the short song lengths there are fully formed stories and anecdotes from love lost to Michael Jackson. The overarching theme of love in the fast life of an artist and the trials and tribulations that ensue are ever present in the lyrics and the beat selection.

"Love Dreams" is the standard bearer for the theme of intimacy in 'Jackson Jones'. In this track DTV expands on the theme and delineates his struggle with being a musician and the complicated existence of being in love while also being infatuated with the life of music. This internal battle leaves him with a, "love lost for a cause" and a soundtrack about the reality of being left with your heart in your hand when you have to choose. 

Connect with Madlib: Soundcloud | Twitter | Official

Connect with Deal the Villain: Soundcloud | Twitter

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