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Focus The Truth shows love on "Ride For Me" [Video]

NYC-based rapper Focus The Truth is back with the visual treatment for his latest single, “Ride For Me.” Coming off of his recent project, Love Will Get You Killed, “Ride For Me” is a day in the life of Focus. He touches on his personality quirks, his city and the people who have his back.

The video for “Ride For Me” is split into two distinct parts. The first half features a montage of clips of Focus and crew in and around Queens. After the chorus hits, the second half features Focus facing the camera, rapping along to the song. The flick is a simple one, but it doesn’t need to be much else. With the contents of the song surrounding Focus and his extended fam, things don’t need to get extravagant.

Without a doubt, the most refreshing aspect of "Ride For Me" is the slow build in the beginning. Focus comes in on the beat early, sans percussions and spits his verse to his internal metronome. As the subject matter intensifies, the percussions come in, building steam until the chorus hits. It’s dope to hear a rapper put such a focus on lyrics, especially with some of the crazier multiple part rhymes he spits in the second half of the song.

Give “Ride For Me” a listen above and be sure to check out Love Will Get You Killed if you haven’t already.

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