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Prince Wiser's brutish flow proves him to be "Different" on new single

A wise man may have once said that conviction will open all doors. At least, that's the approach Bronx rapper Prince Wiser takes on his latest single, "Different." He brings the grit and snarl of New York City hip-hop, pairing it with searing inflections, and ultimately delivers an emboldened manifesto. Covering everything from politics and police brutality, to carving his own fiery lane in the NYC scene, Wiser is absolutely unhinged over the AlbumKutz-produced beat.

Wiser's energy may come from carrying the weight of hailing from the birthplace of hip-hop or from the weight of the injustices this country imposes upon Black men. Either way, Wiser does not circle around his emotions with overly-abstract metaphors. His writing is poignant and matter-of-fact, with each image being pared down to the deadening essentials. There may always be talks about New York hip-hop falling to the wayside, but as long as an artist like Prince Wiser exists, New York's fall will never come true.

This release is part of the 'No Sound In The Jungle EP'.

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