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Danny Diamonds finds himself "Stuck" on introspective single

Danny Diamonds is learning to set his priorities straight. The Boston-based alternative hip-hop artist draws on Kanye West, Big Sean, and Childish Gambino to give his musings on romance full body. "Stuck" finds Diamonds at a cross-roads, unsure if he should pour himself into his art or into the women that he continually pursues. Over a soothing melody and easy piano line, Diamonds gives his introspection some color with images of passion fruit Queen Nefertiti. Diamonds has the rare talent of writing relatable raps that drown in their own myopia. With his oddly familiar and ever-so-rich voice, he embodies the everyman on the come up. 

Of the track, Diamonds says: "'Stuck' is a song that represents a conclusion that I came to after being exhausted from putting in too much effort with a shawty. The verse is inspired by a lot of different interactions I've had with girls where we mess around and then they expect a lot of involvement and time commitment from me moving forward. And where I'm at now, the only thing I would ever chase like that is this music shit."

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