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TENNIN is back to "HEAL YOU"

Minimalistic/experimental artist TENNIN is back with another bare bones, unorthodox styled single titled "Heal You." The track doesn't stray from her previous releases, which lie in the downtempo, minimalistic region with heavy vocal inflections and zero vocal tricks. I will admit, "Heal You" is a lot less dark than ELUSIVE, and shows a different side of the French singer as she urges the listener to put their trust in her.  She reveals "...Let me heal your pain and set you free/ I have your back dry your tears... "

"Elusive" is taken from TENNIN's latest EP HOMNI, releasing today. Crafted with the collaboration of producer Broken Shadow, the story of HOMNI serves as a bridge between the mind of TENNIN and her public. She is bringing her inner voice and secret feelings onto musical experiences and taking the listener on a journey beyond the imagination. The five tracks aim to be interpreted from different angles, and sound hypnotic even with the minimalist and somber atmosphere. TENNIN is currently on tour with dates confirmed in Paris and Berlin.

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Atmospheric · Experimental · Minimal


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