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Half an Orange takes your thoughts for a walk across the sky in "Chuck Taylors" [Premiere]

The opening bells signal Half an Orange's dreamy intentions on their Lowly Palace debut, "Chuck Taylors," arriving to listeners as an EARMILK premiere. Andrew Spellman and Michael Maloof, the do-everything duo (producer/singer/writer/multi-instrumentalist) that are Half an Orange, build the track gradually in layers and paint it with breathy guest vocals from Bijou.

The track was inspired by an experience in Florence, Italy, where Michael wandered upon a group of local kids on the steps of a historic cathedral casually smoking and drinking cheap liquor. The nonchalant nature of partying on those historic steps struck a chord, and resulted in a poem about the experience of being young and having no perspective on our surroundings. Sitting on those steps which have many hundreds of years of history and meaning, cigarettes and bottom shelf booze in hand, no doubt gave rise to the lyric "Wiping our Chuck Taylors on the sky / So close to the sun, pretty like Versailles / Thinking if we fall we might still survive." Perhaps a reference to how little we appreciate how incredible it is just to be alive.

Half an Orange are from Ohio and their rather odd name comes from a Brazilian Portuguese Expression "meted da laranja," meaning that everyone is looking for what completes them, the other half of their orange. With the viral success of their debut "Downtown," and a trio of successful releases on Electro Posé, Andrew & Michael have surpassed 2 million streams with their project and continue to build a genuine connection with their fans.

Connect with Half an Orange:  Soundcloud | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

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