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Jameston Thieves gets funky with new single "Hagakure"

Electro-soul is no longer a brand new thing. Pretty Lights brought the genre up in the early 2000s, and since then it has dominated the Colorado and East Coast festival circuits with artists like Griz and Big Gigantic. The production style continues to flourish for live shows, bringing fans to flock to these popular artists’ performances, but it’s hardly undergoing a renaissance.

Leave it to Jameston Thieves to make an exception to this niche genre’s trajectory. While electronic funk has collectively chosen to stay in its own lane, this singular, ultra-versatile producer has gone out of his way to flip the entire style on its head. Employing the impressively smooth vocal stylings of Abrax Phaeton, Jameston Thieves provides a delectable juxtaposition between cool funky hip-hop and stank-face-inducing drops, creating a perfect tune for both at-home listening and a raucous dance floor. “Hagakure” is the first release of an exciting year from genre-traversing producer Jameston Thieves, so be sure to keep an eye out for his ultra-ambitious release calendar throughout 2018.

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Bass · Electro Soul · Electronic


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