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The KnuBlack deliver a spirited visual for their latest single "You Belong With Us"

The KnuBlack (fka OOTB) is a hip-hop duo composed of KnuOrigen (by way of L.A) and Kay Sade (Trenton, NJ). Their style of Christian alternative rap is inspiring and insightful with themes about love, relationship and, self-awareness. Their latest tune is an uplifting cut titled "You belong us" that sees the duo dwell on friendship and forgiveness.

The song comes with an engaging animated visual that goes from 2d to 3d in an offbeat landscape reinforcing the theme of the song. Fusing traditional rap styles, spoken word, and soulfully exciting instrumentals, the duo aim to reach new audiences using secular and easy to gravitate tropes. Well, it works and we're fans! 

TKB like to believe that they represent a tribe of people who tend to find themselves on the outside of what's "cool" or "popular" (they call these people "Bantus," named after a black hairstyle that is often unwelcomed). In light of this they decided to make their own rules and playgrounds where everyone can belong and, if they so desire, they can interact with the divine

The duo have been putting in some serious work in since they released their first mixtape 'Blue Gene Origins' back in 2015. This was followed by two more projects - a 2016 debut album 'Van Goh,' and 'Ohana' the following year.

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Hip-Hop · Rap · Spoken Word


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