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Dillon Cooper confronts demons once again on "Shadows Pt. 3" [Video]

Dillon Cooper is a lyrical powerhouse. His double time flows and layered writing style caught my attention way back in 2013, but five years later, Cooper has not stopped grinding. Born and raised in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, to immigrant parents from the Caribbean, Cooper's passion for music began at an early age. He began his musical journey playing piano and guitar, and eventually transitioned into rapping as a hobby. After a handful of demos and some buzz online, it became clear that Cooper had the talent and charisma to make some real waves. 

"Shadows Pt. 3" is the essence of Dillon Cooper. His needle-point cadence and equally sharp technical ability drive the track. The lyrics spill out, but Cooper's delivery is packed with personality that keeps you coming back for subsequent listens. Each of his songs is an odyssey to unpack, a journey that's more than worth pursuing. In terms of theme, Cooper is in his pocket, rapping about everything from his vices to the dark side of the rap industry, to his seemingly unshakable work ethic.

"The darkness will not be define by my hardships," he raps with gusto. Cooper manages to be uplifting with an edge. He speaks on his struggles without overburdening us with emotion. Everything about his style is measured and authentic, and with the release of his proper debut EP, Supernova, 2018 could be the year of Dillon Cooper.

Connect with Dillon Cooper  Soundcloud | Instagram

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