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Modesta's VHS is a brilliant entertaining throwback

The recent ongoing fascination with the 80s has indeed created a new sub genre of retro-futuristic music creators. The niche style is pretty sustainable as there are so many aspects from that time creators can easily latch on and recreate for modern consumption. Our latest discovery from indie electronic pop duo Modesta ( made up of Arjun Viswanathan and Kostas Papadopoulos) just proves the point that classic music never really phases out but gets reborn in new fantastic ways.

Their latest effort is aptly titled "VHS" and you can somewhat expect a whole lot of old time references. The silky production truly captures the era with a reflective vibe made up of thick ,slowed down 4 to the floor drums, funky guitar pluck solos and an engulfing vocal performance. We are pretty sure a large percentage of music connoisseur will enjoy the nostalgic emotions seeping out of this tune.  The visuals on the other hand stays true to the title of the song and pretty much gives us a montage of various albeit random scenes of the band members goofing around layered with abstract light reflecting pictures. It's purely an 80s thing through and through.

"VHS" is taken from Modesta's upcoming, self produced four track EP entitled 'VHS​.'  The project is an eclectic blend that walks the line between contemporary indie influence, electronic stylings, and organic, retro sonic flavors. Get the audio on Spotify 

Connect with  Modesta : Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

80's · Chillwave · Indie Pop


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