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Cyantific supplies the new anthem for heartbreak with his Ghosted "Get Some" remix

It's nearly the end of another December and, if you're like me, a look back through your year involves coming to face with a few heartbreaks and endless reminders of why you're relentlessly single. But hey, it's about to be 2018, we've got social media, dating apps, and memes, so if you can't find anything meaningful, it's de rigueur to get lost in the hollow pursuits of life. So don't be weird about it.  All the cool kids are doing it, and I've got just the track to accompany your hollow existence between the sheets.

Kamille, aka regular Little Mix songwriter Camille Purcell, opens plaintively on vocal duty, "don't you know I've been dancing alone at the party? / all my friends gettin' laid and I ain't found nobody," speaking directly to the hearts of those that haven't completely given up hope, but can clearly see that the party known as 2017 is about to end. The cheeky narrative continues with a raw announcement of intention, or  really a lack thereof, "I don't, I don't need no candlelight / you just need to [touch] me right / guess I ain't the loving kind / I just wanna get some." First echoing into our ears on Ghosted's summer release, "Get Some," Cyantific drops a mega liquid DnB remix of the playful pop original for those whose souls resonate at a higher bpm.  Although I'm not convinced the mysterious trio responsible the original would care much for the bashful flip of the f-bombs used here, Cyantific finds other ways to impart new energy into the track that very likely will inspire you to partake in a kitchen or bathroom floor shuffle of your own.  So whether or not you're the loving kind, push play, have fun, and go get some!  Just make sure you're gone in the morning.

London based Cyantific, known off the charts as Jon Stanley, has been pushing DnB forward since before his first album, Ghetto Blaster, was released in 2006.  With over a decade of work spanning across labels like Hospital, Critical, and RAM, he presently works under exclusive contract for Viper Recordings.  He puts out a regular Cyantific FM mix via his Soundcloud, now in its 32nd installment, which is actually his year end mix. 

Ghosted made an unseen appearance on the US Billboard top 10 last year, having worked on G-Eazy and Bebe Rexha's "Me, Myself & I," and has worked with many other artists of greater renown than their own, Years & Years, Maroon 5, Jess Glynne, Craig David, Emeli Sande, and Sigma to rattle off a few. Given that their "name is a nod to ghostwriting and being behind the scenes,” their true identities remain hidden, allowing them to showcase their edgier musical desires. The video for the original has topped 6 million views on YouTube, and it's got just the kind of spooky twist you might expect from the name Ghosted. 

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