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Scene Writers draw up a "Real Life Baby" from the streets of Berlin

Scene Writers take the twangy original "Real Life Baby" by Australian rock band Cookin' on 3 Burners and give it a soulful electronic twist. That Christian Huerter and Sebastian Nouvortne started out as a rock band comes as no surprise given the distinct indie-electronic rock feel of their rework. The Berlin based duo maintain a link to their previous incarnation by using live guitar and piano in their current electronic productions.  Emmi's rich vocals are showcased over abundant snares and synths that sure to leave you "feeling as light as a feather."  As an additional bonus, Scene Writers made a lyric video, inspired by the vibrant Berlin street art scene, that contains some original works by Christian, who is skilled not only as a musician, but also as a painter.  Scene Writers advise, "The video features many different stories and hidden messages, for the keen eyed viewer willing to take a closer look!"

While they have fewer than 60 followers on Soundcloud as of this writing, their following is sure to grow as they're working hard to release more new material in 2018.  It's always a pleasure to catch musicians at such an early stage in their career arcs, and given the theatric aspirations alluded to by their name, I'm excited to see and hear what's next from these guys!

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