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Martin Solveig kicks of the holidays with a new 'My House' mix

Martin Solveig is a man of many facets - DJ, producer, tastemaker, MC and so on. And while his releases run the gamut between unapologetic pop music and his home ground in house and deep house, the French artist has built up a career of influence and character. His latest release speaks to his house roots in a quirky remix of Tiga's "Woke," and this week he unveils another project in the same vein.

Solveig's MyHouse show has been around since 2015, appearing monthly and at big milestones in any electronic musician's annual lifespan - Miami, Ibiza season and a yearend recap. While 2017 wasn't the most active for Martin Solveig's MyHouse, it has appeared for something a bit out of the box for your run of the mill DJ, but a growing opportunity for artists like Solveig to make an event - the Christmas season. The Christmas MyHouse mix acknowledges that though we'll probably be with family and friends turning down on the day off, this year the holiday falls on a weekend and there's no stopping us.

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