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Martin Solveig's work on Tiga's "Woke" is an unlikely gem

Tiga's 2017 single "Woke" not only solidified the word's new entry into our vernacular this year, but has had an impressively long shelf life as a song. Whether or not that's indicative of how we'll be saying "woke" into the future, it's been remixed by Jamie Jones, Amine Edge & DANCE, Patrick Topping and Craig Williams. And while getting nods from your contemporaries on your latest single is all great and fine, it's the track's latest remix that got our ears perked up. French house veteran Martin Solveig stepped up on this latest remix of "Woke," and the track is all of the sudden an infectious one. While maintaining its quirk, "Woke" officially has legs to stand on through the new year.

Connect with Martin Solveig: SoundCloud | Facebook | Official Site




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