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Baths captures the warm feeling of being kissed by the sun in Romaplasm's enthralling meeting of worlds [interview]

Baths (a.k.a Will Wiesenfield or Geotic) is a very unique musician and his latest album is a true celebration of escapism. The new and exciting album entitled Romaplasm (a portmanteau of Romanticism and Plasma), has a consistently wonderful dose of the frenetic energy of the fourth state of matter. Musically Romaplasm is much hotter, much more energetic, and way more tense than Baths' previous albums. The boundless enthusiasm sweeps across all of the songs, leaving the listener feeling as though they have woken up from a dream, to be flooded in a beautifully warm, and vibrant sun at the beginning of the day. This layer of contentment and comfort commands such a deep sense of overspilling joy. The pure optimism is an infectious high. 

Whilst there's a ecstatic nature throughout the record, it also contains more layered complex emotions, revealing itself on further listening. It's something that requires time and appreciation to come to terms with in listening. There's an organised chaotic, wild and experimental aspect prominent in all of Baths music. The journey through Baths' music is fraught in unexpected rich chord progressions, and surprising word choice. Romaplasm is a wealthy example, it's somewhat equivalent to a musical storm in a teacup. 

That’s the whole point of trying to make music the way that I make it is; there’s always a first impression, and then it sort of falls away the more that you listen to it, and there’s more things to discover. i.e. more sounds and the lyrics maybe mean more. I like making really layered stuff, and then it reveals itself after a few more listens. - Baths

Romaplasm certainly burns bright with unspoken emotions, indescribably hard to pick out. On songs such as "Lev" and "Abscond" it's reminiscent of what could be nostalgia, intrigue, or curiosity. Perhaps, it's a magical hint to some of the other more undocumented states of matter in imagination. Whatever it is, we're enjoying for just that, something undiscovered, rare, and evasive; it's difficult to allude to. The new video game-esque choice in synths adds to the otherworldly dimension.

I’m obsessed with feelings I don’t understand. Feelings are a thing I work in constantly. Some of my favourite art makes me feel in a way I don’t have words for. Trying to write music, which gets emotions into people even if they don’t make sense yet, that’s a big thing for me. There are other points where talking about a very specific emotion is tied in with those that don’t make sense. I need all my personal music to feel emotional, so that’s bottom line with the stuff that I do. - Baths

Baths' music exists in a truly unique realm, born of an unconventional and highly creative approach to experimenting from sponge learning. As a musician he geeks out, and digests as much media from various fictional, high fantasy universes as possible. Romantic music at its time was just as imaginative, groundbreaking, and completely outside of the box. It pushed the boundaries of the classical period. It seems understandable, naturally intuitive that Will had gravitated towards the idea of “Romantic” expression in his work; given that he's inspired by an immense amount of media outside of music, which can also ooze similar levels of creativity.

There are animé I’ve seen, which are, more creative than anything else I’ve ever seen in my life. I still quote Neon Genesis Evangelion as being the most creative enterprise I’ve ever experienced in my life. There are ideas, and ways of storytelling, and experiences that are just so out of control for me, so beyond anything I’ve ever seen before, or actually since. On the fifth track “Adam Copies” I mention a name from it. That’s always been a huge realm of inspiration for me. I’m addicted to it. I feel like I get experiences so far out of my own life I can’t help, but be in love with it. - Baths

Will's music glows, just like his penchant for the tier of animé he loves. He's unlocked the crazy, glowing inspiration, with dark, and bizarre themes such as in Princess Mononoke within his own music. Romaplasm has the same imaginative and inclusive accessibility and sensibility to animé, such as Avatar: The Legend of Aang or Full Metal Alchemist. The record also features heavier, adult themes on songs such as "Human Bog", "Coitus" and "Wilt." 

"Yeoman" is set on an airship, as a couple traverse the skies together. The lyrics speak of the euphoria of "inventing ballroom" whilst "following the moon's move" and new found discovery into a world of seeing colours for the first time, as Baths sings: "would you show me green, and would you show me blue?" It feels like there's an underlying theme of sci-fi within Baths' work. The kind of science fiction, which is grounded in real science, but impregnated with high fantasy. 

"One of my favourite movies is Primer; it’s like these two dudes who accidentally invent time travel, but through doing scientific experiments in their garage. The way the film rolls out is on that same level of accuracy, where it’s a totally outrageous concept, but everything feels much more real, because of the accuracy. I’m not a scientist, but I have a respect and admiration for that level of detail in things." - Baths

Romaplasm definitely feels vocally more bold, with clearer and more central vocals than Baths' previous albums. Baths is gearing up for a run of new live shows across the UK and North America with his friend Morgan.

Morgan is doing the majority of the heavy lifting in terms of sound. He has the table set-up with the electronics and the different things he’s using. I have a keyboard, which I move to every now and then, and sometimes I double up the voice. Most of the time I’m just at the front singing. It was important for the type of record that Romaplasm is, it’s very vocal front and centre type thing, so I wanted to make the transition into trying that. I wanted to change the live show round so that I’m less hidden behind things and more in the front, and that’s sort of how it looks. - Baths

If the Romaplasm could also be a wrapping of a musical muscle cell in cytoplasm, then all of the songs as essential as organelles - especially in the force of movement from the album. Baths' music has a really creative, highly individual, and playful approach, yet also a significant and resonant depth to it. It holds a whirlwind of lots of emotions within a short space of time. It's the sonic wonder from witnessing a solar flare eruption in the solar dynamics observatory; incredible thermonuclear art.

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