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Ben Zaidi wanders through his past on "London."

Ben Zaidi stands at the intersection of solemn of spoken-word poetry and minimal electronica. Hailing from the serene Pacific Northwest, Zaidi takes the tenderness of bedroom music and elevates it, as if you're paging through his private journal sans triteness. Having studied poetry at Harvard, it's no surprise that Zaidi's writing is touching and layered, always considering a counter force and the role of his own voice.

On "London.," he reminisces to winters passed. Zaidi delves into the blissful moment of togetherness he  The song confronts the fear of intimacy, of building your identity so closely to your romantic affairs, and what it might mean to weather through that anxiety. By end the of the song, Zaidi resolves to stay, whether that be in love, in the city, or true to himself, and the ceremonious and squirrely horns sound off in tow. 

Of the track, Zaidi says: "I'm leaving this year with a song that is very special to me. This is "London.," which draws upon a wintertime like this, several years ago, that turned out to be one of the most vulnerable and formative times of my life."

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Acoustic · Indie


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