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Tripple 2 are trying to keep their heads above all these "Bills"

We got something new from rising Finnish-Ghanaian rap-duo who go by the name Tripple 2. The duo made up of twin brothers Chris and Akrong hit us up with their latest visual for their song "Bills". Like the name suggests, the song dwells on the day to day hurdles of nine to fivers trying to make ends meet, pay bills and live life. The brothers blend a little of their African roots with elements of traditional hip-hop with a modern twist on the song. 

Visually crisp and clean, we get to see the real frustrations of trying to stay mentally strong when your financial situation is not so good and to make things worse, the "by any means necessary" mentality gets in the way. It's a situation most of us can relate to but the issue is beyond black and white. What would you do in the same circumstance?

Connect with  Tripple 2: Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter | Spotify

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