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Rhye leave us feeling wintry and warm with "Count to Five"

Today, the enigmatic Los Angeles group Rhye released "Count To Five" (Loma Vista Records) - yet another single in anticipation of their second studio album Blood due in the coming months. The jazzy hook sends warm vibrations throughout your body while the liquid, sensual vocals and synths cool the track down.

Once the melody settles into a pattern, it switches leaving us always guessing which path the song will take. This instrumental choice connects with the lyrics that describe the uncertain feelings of "making a move." With the initial line, our singer croons "I'm all out of place," filling the serenade with feelings of insecurity from the start. Although the melody emits impressions of confidence and seduction, the honesty lies beneath the unspoken words. With uncompromising versatility, Rhye deliver another ambient lullaby to illustrate our most intimate moments.

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Dreamwave · Lo-Fi


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