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Ofscar crafts alien sounds in his new single "Waves of Enceladus"

When a song title pays homage to the sixth-largest moon of Saturn, you know you are in for an extraordinary ride. "Waves of Enceladus" is a single by way of producer Ofscar whose production style can be summarized as follows - Music for picture inspired by film and space.  The LA-based recording act takes his musical inspiration from Space, NASA explorations and pretty much anything celestial in nature. "Waves of Enceladus" plays like a journey through a time long forgotten by many, the dark and somewhat gloomy synths drive the song while the percussions come in to signify the change in pace. Similar to Enceladus itself which has a small size but a wide range of surface features, the song in question is richly layered, dynamic and for a lack of a better word, out of this world.

Ofscar personal insight on the song definitely sheds some light on the dark regions of his production process. 

"It’s not often you hear guitars, synths, and traditional instruments blended with, in the case of “Waves of Enceladus”, the sounds of Ion cyclotron waves from the magnetic field of Saturn’s moon Enceladus, captured by the Cassini spacecraft. The sounds are powerful and serene and that feeling is diligently captured and reflected in the music. "

"Waves of Enceladus", is from Ofscar's debut EP Nice to be in Orbit.

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