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Bari is getting his daily "Protein" quota

 Midwest music collective Zero Fatigue member Bari delivers his latest material in the form of the mellow jam titled "Protein".  The head nodding single has a offbeat, mellow vibe to it which provides Bari the perfect backdrop for his distinct vocal delivery and unorthodox style of writing to flourish.  Bari juggles stretched out vocals on the song's chorus with sharp rhymes for the verses atop the thumping, harp-driven beat.  He further states "The beat for 'Protein' was made before me and Monte met up," and while the duo worked on other tracks the beat for the song came up and the rest is history.
The Monte Booker produced  "Protein" is off Bari's forthcoming 'MSTRGLSS' project. Stream the audio on Spotify

Keep up with  Bari | Soundcloud :  Twitter

A$ap rocky · Hip-Hop · Rap


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